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Hi, my name is Tammy!

I have been interested in photography for as far back as I can remember. As a child, I loved that one small click would save a second in time forever, but I'm sure the fortune my parents paid to develop film was not as loved. About 6 years ago I picked up my husbands DSLR and I haven't put it down since, granted he bought me my own so he could use his again, but there are not too many moments where I don't have a camera in my hand. I love taking pictures of everything and I love the digital age that allows me to take as many as I want and just get rid of what I don't like instantly!

I am self taught. Fall is my favourite season and my busiest season. I never thought I would ever take pictures of people....I love landscapes and horses. When I started on this adventure it was to combine my two favourite loves; horses and photography. I soon had requests from friends to do family photos and it started from there.

A big thank you to my family and friends for all of your encouragement and your trust that I could take your family photos. I love visiting at your houses and seeing my photos on your walls, and the best part is knowing that for a few clicks of a camera, I have preserved your memories for generations to come.

Thank you for visiting my site to view your photos. Enjoy!

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